Patience + The Market

What if I told you that we’re exactly where we’re supposed to be at this very moment? I’m not speaking in terms of mentally, but rather if wealth was a timeline that we constantly progressed down; what if we we’re consistently at the right place? Furthermore- what if our choices dictated whether or not we gained or lost wealth? We would always be moving forward down this timeline, but up or down depending on how we chose to live our lives. I want to dive into the realization of how to kill stress and anxiety around wealth and to redirect that focus into something that keeps you moving up; always.

The reality is that we shape our own lives, but are we actually responsible for whether or not we end up poor? With statistics like 1% vs 99%, it’s hard to believe that the system isn’t rigged. After all, how the heck do you accumulate 365k a year and end up in the bracket of the top income earners in the world? I’m here to tell you that the system IS rigged, and I want to help you play better financially through the game of patience.

Now, in order to get yourself setup to do this correctly, you must first believe in the timeline of wealth that I suggested above. I believe that I am exactly where I need to be at this current moment, and based on how I react to the market will determine if I make incremental gains or suffer horrible losses. By “the market” I’m referring to the economic state of the world. It is without a doubt a time of complete prosperity in America. At the same time, we’re about to go through an insane financial crisis that will ruin many lives. Does this mean it’s bad for everyone? Absolutely not! In fact, the best shot you have at amassing massive amounts of money is going to come from this downturn. Your timeline of wealth is different compared to everyone else’s. This means we no longer give a shit about who has more, because when we begin to compare- we suffer. Once you’ve got this drilled into your brain you can begin to focus on clearing your mind surrounding your finances.

When you understand that wherever you are at this moment is where you should be, then you are now able to let go of the stress from the past that used to make you financially uncertain. Maybe you had made a lot of money and lost it, maybe you’ve never made money at all, or maybe you’re scared around the concept of being financially secure. With beliefs like that do you think you’re moving up or down on your timeline? Remember, you’re always moving forward until you die, so up until that point you have the power to change it. Maybe you lost all the money you made so that you could humble yourself on the creation of your next million dollar project. Maybe you haven’t made money up until this point because you simply weren’t ready to commit to the level of time and energy needed for you to create your future. See how a little perspective can change everything? The past is behind us. The only thing you can change about it is what it means to you. Figure out how to create a meaning that moves you up vs down and you can begin to take control of your finances.

On concerns of the future- why worry? If we’re exactly where we need to be consistently, then that can never change. There will be times where our perceptions of this timeline change which can create anxiety. “What if this is all luck?,” “There’s going to be no jobs left!,” the list can go on but without a doubt it is awful to experience any sort of financial worry of the future. The fact of the matter is that it happens from time to time, and we need to learn how to deal with it. There’s something peaceful about believing “everything for a reason.” So long as you can find the right reason, you’re good. What about the days where you can’t? My answer is to learn the skill of patience.

You’re not where you want to be financially right now? Good, you’re not supposed to be there anyway. The willingness to wait will set you free. Maybe you’re big break hasn’t come yet, maybe one already passed but you missed it. Neither matter when you’re willing to be still. Not in a sense of losing out on growth- but just simply being ok with you not being at the end result yet. The latter half to this rule is you need to know you’re outcome. You need to rock solid certain that you’re going to end up where you want to be and have a plan to get you there. When this is in place, you can comprehend that life doesn’t happen instantly. You’re not going to wake up and be a millionaire. It’s going to take massive amount of effort- but it’s possible.

This is what I believe the 1% has done continuously throughout their lives. I’m 24, and I’ve gotten to the top 3% once. Do I have all the answers? No. Do I believe that in time my financial prosperity will be revealed to me because I know exactly where I’m going? Yes. Will there be delays? Yes. Will that stop me? No. It’s having the ability to create that certainty in your head that will set you free. It comes from planting those seeds.

Understand that your stress is gone the minute you figure out how to find perspective, and your anxiety is wiped out the minute you can become content with where you are. Killing two birds with one stone however, is simply holding the belief everyday that you are exactly where you need to be- and the action steps you take next will determine the amount you rise or fall. It’s always a waiting game- a combination of being patient while creating that opportunity for yourself everyday. Anything that feels like progress will encourage you to keep going, so start there. A million ways have been found to make a million dollars- so I can’t tell you exactly what to do next. After all- it’s your timeline. How are you going to rise to the occasion?

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